Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The I word. GOP policy of rejecting election results they don't like.

          Since 1992 and the election of Bill Clinton it seems to be Republican policy to assume any Democrat elected President is a usurper of power. It is therefor their duty to remove the threat through a bloodless coup. Let's impeach the bastard.

We'll ignore the fact St. Ronnie should have been Impeached for Iran-Contra. Reagan only ignored Federal law and sold weapons to Iran. It was St. Ronnie so that's cool. He also covertly funded the Contras in Nicaragua in contravention of law. Again if Ronnie did it, cool. If Bush the Elder had not pardoned Ollie North he would have done time and could hang out with G.Gordon Liddy in the felon as conservative icon club.

As it is though when Bill Clinton was elected President the GOP, led by Newt Gingrich, went off the rails. they spent the entire Clinton Presidency trying to find a way to remove him from office. The high approval ratings in polls Clinton enjoyed meant nothing. America was under the spell of a Southern scalawag and had to be saved from itself. Clinton, along with Hillary, murdered Vince Foster, committed fraud in Whitewater, even though they lost money in that investment, and was an evil philanderer.

So after years and millions of dollars they found an excuse to impeach. It was also along mostly party line votes. That should, I guess, prove it wasn't a partisan rejection of two presidential elections. The fact when he was impeached president Clinton's approval rating was 60% and there was no possibility of the Senate convicting was irrelevant. The Republicans felt justified in attempting to nullify the will of the electorate. Because, the public was deluded and wrong. The GOP simply could not accept that having the White House for twenty of twenty-four years had not become their right. A Democrat could not win without shenanigans or a mass delusion of the American voter.

After Bush the younger was elected(sorta) their feeling of ownership returned. Having control of the Congress helped fuel their sense of entitlement. The GOP controlled House and Senate rubber stamped an era of profligate spending and an extremely aggressive foreign policy.

After lying us into an unnecessary war, cutting taxes, blowing a surplus, racking up record debt, their laissez-faire policies derailed the economy.

When Barack Obama was elected the Republicans went around the bend so far their behavior towards Bill Clinton seemed reasoned and polite.

Absurdist conspiracy theories, paranoid beliefs and rejection of his legitimacy became the political norm on the right.

The election was stolen by massive voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN to get a fellow community organizer elected. The President was a secret Muslim. He was a socialist. He was a Kenyan plant following a massive conspiracy to con us into believing he was actually an American citizen. A communist sleeper agent. He was a black terrorist bent on destroying the United States.

These extreme and in many cases delusional views were actually given airtime and column space by reputable media. They were espoused by office holders. Fringe wackos who not long before would have been laughed out of the public arena were treated as actual scholars, serious intellectuals and investigators.It seems that any pretense of rational political discourse has been discarded in favor of absurdist political theater.

The House of Representatives has had myriad investigations, that in a more rational climate, would be called witch hunts. They have examined every use of Presidential policy for attempts to destroy America.

Traditional Presidential actions are called usurpations of power.Appointments by a Democrat are held up for not being reactionary Republican enough.

Since day one there have been Republicans and so called pundits calling for impeachment. The usual reasons given shows a total lack of understanding of how the Federal Government works and a total lack of understanding of the Constitution.

The calls have moved out of the fringe into what is passing for mainstream.

Rep. Steve King(R-Iowa) tried to force repeal of every law signed by President Obama. I can't follow his reasoning it was so convoluted. Another Rep. told his constituency there were enough votes in the House to impeach.

The right has spent the entire Obama Presidency undermining, blocking, attempting nullification, rhetorically rousing the base into calling for open rebellion and civil war. A total rejection of election results, still.

The farthest right wants impeachment over imagined violations of the Constitution. They say they want their country back. This is the most disturbing aspect of today's political climate.

The United States has a long sacred tradition of peaceful transfer of power. Elections stand. You don't agree or want a change, win the next election. I have lived through some tumultuous times in America and have never seen such wholesale rejection of election results. The calls for armed rebellion. The calls for the removal of a popular, twice elected president because he is not American. Talk of Secession. Rampant attempts at nullification.Constant calls for impeachment over things that don't even remotely meet the Constitutional test. Again an impeachment that could never result in conviction in the Senate.

Look guys, you lost. Get over it. Trust me an armed rebellion is not going to work. Impeachment is not going to happen. The President is a citizen so he won't be removed and tried as a usurper. When you lose an election here calling for insurrection because you didn't win is sedition. And Un American. Period. Many of you are lucky a broad interpretation of the First Amendment is being applied. There are still sedition laws on the books. And many of you are in violation of them. So a word of advice. Shut up. Deal with it. Put you gun away unless you think you can take out a tank, a drone, a cruise missle or Ranger team.
In other words grow up. You lost. So, the country you want back is still here, last time I checked. Go sulk and leave the rest of us alone.


Already some GOP officeholders say that if they regain the Senate, they will impeach and remove president Obama from office. There is no better reason to get off your ass and vote Democratic. Holding the Senate and making gains in the House are imperative, The stranglehold of GOP/Tea Party hysteria must be broken. It is the only way to move America forward. We must show we reject sedition and constant rejection of the will of the electorate. Vote!

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