Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Erick Erickson is a nattering nabob of nihilism. Abortion Barbie? What a maroon.

          I've never been a fan of Erick Erickson. Honestly. I'd never heard of Red State or Erickson till CNN signed him. He's caused me one face palm and head desk after another since then.
It is amazing to me that anyone even reads Red State. I know I don't have a lot of readers but at least I strive for accuracy.
During '12, unlike so many on the others on the right, he wasn't convinced President Obama was going to be swept aside by righteous Conservative anger. He blamed Rove, the Gop establishment and the Romney campaign. Again with the standard not conservative enough meme. He said Rove was still using Lee Atwater's playbook. Rove spent a mountain of cash for zero results. It wasn't right for the 21st century. Valid enough as far as it goes. Like the other pit bulls on the right Erickson has grabbed the idea that if a "True Conservative"ran  the GOP would win hands down. That assumes everyone is really a closet RWNj who wants to roll back a century of progressive thought and reestablish the Gilded Age. He's really saying every white in America is racist and sexist We are all also historically and scientifically illiterate.
You would think that once CNN kicked him loose for being a bit crazy that even Fox would thingk twice about hiring him. Nope. Instead they've turned him loose on the air.
This is a man who thinks women are going against the natural order by working. Their purpose is to tend home and hearth and drop a baby as often as possible. It is a scientific fact women should not be the primary breadwinner as they are in 40% of American households. He sees it as troubling. I doubt he approves of more women than men getting a degree either.  He has no standing to push that idea. He's assuredly not any kind of scientist. Also, I've read him. He's not mush of a writer either.
When the Texas Legislature passed that horrendous Abortion bill he showed his class. Erickson tweeted a link for liberals. It was to a supplier of wire coat hangers. When called out on it he used the anger as proof we have no sense of humor. He then said that death from self abortion was basically an urban legend pushed by the left.Funny fella.
So now we have Abortion Barbie.
State Senator Wendy Davis misspoke concerning Gosnell's chamber of Horrors. So obviously she's an air head and ignorant. I guess he never listens to Rush or or his compatriots on Fox. Erickson claims she's building a career on abortion.A political stand based on taking the life of the innocent. He also doesn't understand why Barbie is sexist.
So Erick, is it OK to call Limbaugh a drug addled gas bag? How about Caribou Barbie for Sarah? Histrionic Hannity? May I call you a Nattering Nabob of Nihilism?
Erick, a word of advice. Pull your head out of your ass and look around. The economy built by Saint Ronnie and his successors at the Holy See of Supply Side has made the single income family an an anachronism. To move ahead or stay even requires two incomes. Leave it to Beaver was cancelled before you were born. The housewife greeting her husband at the door with a martini, wearing a dress, heels and pearls never happened. Deal with it.
You really should stay quiet unless you have something insightful or even accurate to say. You may as well take a vow of silence considering your track record.

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