Sunday, October 12, 2014

Do we move to save America?

               America is at a crossroad. Do we continue with the US House able to hold the nation hostage to their Radical Republican/Tea Party views. Do we hand them the Senate as a reward for six years of obstruction, calls for insurrection and secession and continual assault on POTUS?? Do we permit the march towards the past as they deny science, rewrite history and extol the virtues of inequality?

Should we acquiesce to the sale of America to the highest bidder and the return of the Gilded Age? We seem to be at the point where bags of cash are being dumped on Congressional desks again to coddle the wealthy and protect the trusts. Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled.

Do we let corporate America to gut environmental regulations in pursuit of more profit?

Should Wall Street remain an unregulated casino?

Do we stand by and let voter suppression become the new normal? Do we allow police to execute people in the street with no consequence?

Are women to be reduced to brood mares with no say in reproductive choices that profoundly affect their lives?

Or do we get off our collective asses and exercise the weapon that terrifies the elite. WE VOTE!

They've spent the years since the Black Guy was elected President trying to insure that never happens again. Voting rights have been in their cross-hairs as they fight to maintain power.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in voter registration in most states. If we vote, we win. It's that simple. We can't have a replay of 2010 when the Unicorn Wing of the Democratic Party stayed
 home and sat on their hands.

Turn out is the key to hold the Senate. A GOP Senate will, in concert with a GOP House, shred the social safety net. Social Security and Medicare will be gutted. The poor must make sacrifices to protect the status of the wealthy.

The reality of an American Theocratic State will move even closer to reality. President Obama won't be able to have appointees confirmed. Think SCOTUS.

POTUS will likely be impeached and removed from office.

To preserve the Union from the perverse interpretations the Right make on the Constitution we need to stop their expansion of power at the ballot box.

The future depends on it.