Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Republican Road To Dystopia As Trump Storms The Gates.

     Donald Trump, a joke in June is solidifying his coup on the Republican Party.
     Since Iowa Trump has won every contest except four to Senator Ted Cruz, possibly the most hated man in the Senate.
     The question of the day is, What. The. Actual. Fuck.
     The Donald since June has hammered away at the Republican Establishment, the rest of the GOP Primary field, the media. President Obama, undocumented immigrants, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Muslims, the Mexican Government, anti- Trump protestors, American foreign policy and the Iran nuke deal. Did I leave anything out? Well, Y'all get the idea.
     How has a reality star, shady real estate mogul and carnival barker accomplished this? Good old fashioned demagoguery.
     He blames everyone for the destructive policies of the last thirty-five years, punching home that he is the only one smart enough, skilled enough and determined enough to change the course of the Ship of State bending the arc of history through his will alone as he controls time and space. He's a rogue Time Lord from Doctor Who armed with Bluster. He does this without a sonic screwdriver or TARDIS
     The rise of Trump lies in the failure of the GOP for not taking Trump seriously until recently. The Tea Party radicalized the party with attacks from the right, forcing the GOP into bat country. The nihilist nut jobs of talk radio and Fox News, the propaganda arm of the right wing alternate reality like him. Sometimes.
     These twisted sources built the environment that spawned this mad salmon. He is demonizing the "other". This reactionary in the mold of Father Coughlin has called for closing immigration from the Muslim Mideast. He wants them in a database since tattoos, as used the last time around, are passe.
     He wants to modify the 1st Amendment to make suing for libel and slander easier by including public figures. Trump likes to use frivolous suits as a cudgel.
     Trump rails on Twitter with snide, snarky and at time vicious tweets.
     His rallies are blends of circus, intolerance and mass hysteria.The long lived dismissal of Trump appealing to the fringe of American Politics has been catastrophic. This looks to be a fatal error for the Republicans.
     Look at the make up of his crowds. Blue collar and white collar. Millennials. Boomers and Gen X.
Then there's the fringe, birthers, white supremacists and flat out racists, This disparate coalition has united to propel Trump to the fore. Trump then riles and roils the crowd to unbridled anger at times erupting into violence as he reinforces the crowds propensities to despise those that dares dissent.
     This has become a cult of personality not too unlike 1932 Germany.
     Donald said he could fire a gun down new New York's fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. This seems sadly true. Trump has been vicious, outrageous and that reality only seems to increase his support. This sadly seems to point to the rise of the dark underbelly of American Politics. A metastatic cancer on the body politic. The hate and racism bubbling just under the surface of American attitudes is now free to wreak havoc on the better angels of America.
     An as is my wont, I place the blame at the feet of that venal, vituperous, vicious rat fucker Nixon. This is a direct result of what Nixon set into motion with his calculated invitation to the Jim Crow Southern population and extremely conservative Evangelicals into the GOP. Those vultures have come home to roost as they do annually at Hinckley, Ohio. Their coup, which started with the election of the first Black President is now complete.
     After Super Tuesday the GOP is in full, public panic mode. Only recently has the primary field unleashed attacks on Trump hoping to gut shoot the intruder. This an unprecedented case of the GOP failing to take control of and shape the messaging ahead of the curve. A classic example of too little too late. They are attempting to put out the Chicago fire with one fire extinguisher as the city's conflagration reduces it to a smoking ruin.
     Now we hear the party floating scenarios in which they can deny the nomination to Trump at the Convention in June. Should that happen I can only see his cult burning Cleveland to the ground. Metaphorically, I hope.
     The desperate disarray in the GOP is, at this time, futile. Trump is now unstoppable on his march to the nomination. On 3/15 he solidifies his hostile take over of the GOP by winning Ohio and Florida, two winner take all primaries.
     The GOP should resign itself as they see the fracture of their party. The Far Right is ascendant in Congress and a busker will be their nominee. Their only hope will be attempting to survive. I think that ship has sailed. God help us.