Friday, June 14, 2013

With you, I'd walk anywhere.

I used to say I didn't understand women. I may need to revise that. In 2013, in America, I don't understand men. Really. The condescending smirks. The acceptance of violence. Slut shaming. Reproductive rights restrictions. Denial of worth and rights. A general notion that women are property to be used. abused and discarded.

Since the Sixties I thought we had made progress in slowly moving past thousands of years of societal discrimination.  I am dismayed by the seemingly acceptable sexism so prevalent today. The Right Wing seems to think women are too flighty and emotional to be trusted with important decisions. It's as if having a uterus makes you stupid.

At work or in a bar, out on the street in overheard conversations I am at times appalled and mystified by the things men say. When I call someone on it I'm one of the girls. Whatever,

Once, talking to a friend, I mentioned I love women in response to something he said. The guy looked at me like I had just beamed down from the Enterprise. He said,"I hate women. If not for the pussy there'd be a bounty on them." That attitude is more prevalent than I ever thought it would be in the 21st century.

Like I told him, I love women. I follow a lot of women on Twitter. Why? I've found the arguments are more cognitive and reasoned without an infusion of testosterone. There's no pissing contest. No measuring and no struggle for domination of the conversation. I find the company of women enjoyable and a wonderful pleasure.

I have more women friends than men friends.Women on the whole are just more pleasant to be around. At least that's how I feel. In a relationship or casual hanging out I love how a woman feels on the dance floor. The touch of a hand, soft as a whisper. The way one looks at someone they care for. As one can see I am at times confused and conflicted.

I respect women the way I crave respect. I try not to objectify but sometimes I do. I know where your eyes are but mine will stray. I don't think bitch is interchangeable with woman but I use the word. An all purpose noun, verb, adverb and adjective. I try to maintain propriety but at times fail miserably.

I may let wanting to be seen as sensitive and a romantic get in the way of being just a person talking to another person. I try to be witty, charming and funny. With mixed results. That's to cover the nervousness and fear of rejection. I seem to crave the approval of women. (Thanks Mom.)

So dear reader I suppose you are as confused as I am where this rambling mess is heading. I guess I'm trying to say women should be valued. Respected for their passion and intellect. Loved well. Equal. Like a person that has value outside of reproductive capabilities. Not abused. Not raped. Not treated as chattel or a trophy.

This generation is lost. We need to educate the next. We can not live up to the promise of the future by glorifying the attitudes of the past.We move forward or fail as a species.

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