Monday, June 10, 2013

Down the rabbit hole,through the mirror and out the wormhole.

Sometimes as I scan Twitter or my news feeds I truly want to slam my head on the desk. Honest. In 2006 the American electorate reacted to the Neocon arrogance of the Bush Administration by giving the House and Senate to the Democrats.In 2008 we selected President Obama.The right went berserk.

I remember Hannity saying he was part of the resistance. This rejection of election results has become a common response by the Right here in the States.Democratic wins are seen as illegitimate. It's as if the twelve years the GOP had the White House(1980-1992) granted divine fight to have it forever. The myth of center-right America bloomed.

Hell, from the day Bill Clinton took office he was under siege from Newt and the House Republicans.In 1994 when they fear mongered and lied their way into power the House they flat out went after Clinton. Him and Hillary murdered Foster. Bill was a Soviet Sleeper.Hillary was a feminist lesbian. I found the ire strange. After all Arkansas is not known to produce radical Democratic office holders.

Ken Starr, the GOP attack dog, spent years investigating the Clintons on our dime. The result was a futile Bill of Impeachment that could never clear the Senate. At the time President Clinton's approval rating was well over sixty percent. An exercise in political theater, playing to the rabid base and RWNJ big money donors.

Fast forward to January 2009. President Obama takes office. The cry from the Right after a convincing electoral smackdown? Fraud. The election was stolen by ACORN. A Kenyan born socialist was thrust into power. Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

So everything was now Obama's fault. George W. Bush never happened. Nor did George H.W. Bush. Ronald Reagan was elevated to Sainthood.

The first rumbles of the I word came far too early, even for the usual nut jobs. The Tea party appeared calling out to the worst of American rhetoric. Fear of loss of control. Being ruled by a secret Muslim.The Fox News led reactionary backlash resulted in the loss of the House and the installation of Luddites. Anti Science.

History and knowledge had an anti Christian, liberal bias. Sharia law was rampant. Any compromise between parties was seen as betrayal. The push to move America into the Dark Ages was on.
The President, facing political reality, was unable to produce the miracles expected by the Unicorn wing of the Democratic Party. They sat out the 2010 election giving the House to the Tea Party along with far too many State Governments. The world thought we had lost our minds

The dark side of the American psyche was given the keys to the kingdom. Hateful, divisive rhetoric became the norm. Members in the House wore ignorance on their sleeve like a badge of honor.
During the 2012 election cycle the world was convinced we had truly gone mad. The election results helped allay global fears.

The GOP continues to obstruct refusing to accept the election results. A lazy media focused on sound bites are complicit in the status quo.

Now the Unicorn wing is whining and hand wringing again. The refuse to accept political reality. Pragmatism is what makes progress possible. Just not fast enough for some.The Dems need to STFU and take back the House in 2014.

Dammit people elections have consequences.

Quit bitching.

Take back the House. It has to be done.

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