Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LAX was terrorism. Period.

          He walked into Los Angeles International carrying a civilian version of the M-16. An M&P(military & police) style weapon which Smith & Wesson aggressively markets to the public at large.

In his pocket was a note describing himself as a "Pissed off Patriot". He wanted to kill TSA agents for trampling the Constitution. His "Manifesto" hit many of the Militia/Patriot/Tea Party hot button issues. The New World Order. Fiat Currency, DHS and tyranny. It seems he was a fan of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. The gunman in his note made homophobic, racist and sexist remarks as he mentioned former DHS leader Janet Napolianto.

Paul Ciancia walked into LAX with an AR-15 style, legally purchased, .223 caliber, high powered rifle in a duffel. With that he opened fire on unarmed TSA employees. Paul asked bystanders,"TSA?" When they said no, he moved on. Within 60 seconds police arrived and took him down.

The description from the media focus on a "Lone Wolf" man who hinted at suicide to his brother. As he was lighting up LAX Terminal 3, the LAPD were at Ciancia's apartment to check on him. The shooter's Father had notified local law enforcement back home in New Jersey of concerns. They in turn contacted LAPD who had arrived very shortly after his departure. Paul's roommates reportedly said everything was fine.

What we have is a man espousing far right wing conspiracy notions waging an assault on an arm of the Federal Government constantly vilified by people like Beck and Jones.

Glen Beck, Alex Jones and their ilk are always reminding the tin foil hat battalion that DHS, through FEMA are building concentration Camps. These will be used to inter those who resist and survive when the Feds seize all firearms in the United States. These RWNJ Pied Pipers rail against the TSA for trampling Americans rights by aggressively seeking out firearms that gun owners are attempting to carry on board Aircraft.

On the Far Right radio shows the TSA is attacked for detaining people who forget they have a firearm in their luggage or on their hip. It is terrible an American exercising their Second Amendment rights should be treated like a potential hijacker.

So far the number of people forgetting they're armed has grown 30% during the first six months of 2013.  In Huffington Post Travel (see link below)we see a rise in gun related violations in America's Airports.

The gun culture has morphed into a belief that one should be allowed to go anywhere, anytime armed to the teeth. The "I forgot" excuse is common. Even in cases where the weapons are hidden or disguised. Basically they are saying I forgot I was smuggling a loaded firearm concealed in a bags lining or disguised as a permitted item. Seriously, is there anyone in America that doesn't know that a loaded weapon is prohibited in a commercial aircraft cabin?  I think not. It is this attitude that gun rights are God given and patriots are morally correct to ignore or evade any regulation that deny's that right.

Add into this mix that talk radio is always babbling about tyranny and domestic enemies. A true believer may decide to strike back at the traitors trying to take his life and liberty. These people always see themselves as true patriotic soldiers defending the American way of life. They feel a moral obligation to act before it's too late to warn the sheeple of impending subjugation. They invariably realize alone there is no chance to impose salvation on the citizens. The cabal is too strong and too entrenched. They are compelled to focus attention and anger by an act of terror. But, they call it a blow for freedom. As usual one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

They hear Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz spout rhetoric of godless tyranny destroying America. So, expecting to die they select a target. And they try to not be taken alive as they feel destined for martyrdom. These ideas are everywhere. Radio and the web. Fox News. There is a constant bombardment of the position we are on the verge of revolution. We are under attack by those who despise America. LBGT, Liberals, Socialists and heathens are joined with Islam to rule the world.

Every time there is a shooting in a public place the NRA and others push the idea it's a mental health issue. The shooter was nuts. You never see this in a situation where right wing political distortions of reality are involved. That would imply those positions are crazy. We can't have that.

The talking heads constantly spew hateful, violent rhetoric. When something happens, they deny any culpability. O'Reilly saying Dr. Tuller should be killed. He is. Then Billo does desperate damage control. Sarah Palin puts Democratic office holders in cross hairs then Gabby Gifford and others are shot at a political event. Not her intention, she says. On and on it goes. These commentators refuse to believe words have power. When inflammatory views are expressed as undeniable fact people act. They soak a situation with gasoline and toss a zealot a book of matches. Since Palin and others didn't strike the match, they know their hands are clean. If they had a conscience it would be clear.

Already Alex Jones is yelling False Flag citing conflicting eye witness statements and news reports. Eye witness testimony is very unreliable. Fifteen people seeing the same thing will give fifteen different statements as to what they saw. These days news outlets put unvetted statements out trying to scoop every one. Not a good basis to base an argument on. Well, facts will never stop a good Jones rant.

Had Paul Ciancia been Islamic or brown we would see Fox and their cohorts screaming terrorism. We would see the mainstream media doing the same. That seems to be lacking at the moment. The right is loathe to call Timothy McVeigh a terrorist. I see the current charges being amended to include terrorism. It has to be as that is what it was. Simple domestic terrorism. Hannity, Coulter, Beck, Limbaugh et.al should be proud. Someone is listening to them. And believing.


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