Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Impeach for being President while Black

               With financial Armageddon loming some Members of the GOP have cut right to the Heart of the impasse. Impeaching the President will solve everything. After all being President While Black is a High Crime and Misdemeanor.

As this insanity promulgated by the Radical Republican and burn it down wing of America moves on many have found the heart of the problems facing The United States. Impeach the President.

Noted Constitutional scholar Sarah Palin opined that allowing a default by obeying a law passed by Congress is an impeachable offense. Using untested authority under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution is an impeachable offense. So, the only way to avoid impeachment is to submit to the demands of a minority of House Republicans. Because they are a minority that represent ALL TRUE Americans.

The LT. Governor of Texas, a noted moderate himself, feels PBO should be impeached for the ACA, a law that has passed SCOTUS muster and the new Beetlejuice, Benghazi So, enforcing a law that some don't like is impeachable. The tragic deaths of four American Diplomatic personnel is impeachable.The deaths of more than sixty in attacks on US Diplomatic outposts under G.W.Bush is simply shit happens.

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Arkham) has been talking impeachment for awhile. He recently told us that it is solely the President's fault if Default happens because he didn't accede to the reasonable demands of the House.The fact that the House and Senate must concur on spending bills is an inconvenience and it's all the Black guy's fault.

Senator Tom Coburn who is crazy but usually not insane raised the possibility of impeachment. He said while he doesn't have the legal background to know if POTUS has committed impeachable offenses he is perilously close to doing so..Thank you sir for your expert opinion.

Michelle Bachman (R-Batshit Crazy Town) says in her mond the President has committed impeachable offenses. In her mind is a scary place to be. In her mind PBO is also a dictator.

While many of us laugh at this we need to remember that this impeachment idea started on the fringe in 2009 along with birtherism. It was an offshoot of that. Like many of the absurdest conspiracy theories that started on the fringe of the right( blogs, webcasts and RW talk Radio) impeachment has gone mainstream.

Elected members of Government are calling for this. And being taken seriously. What we don't see is a forceful move by pundits or the GOP Party hierarchy condemning this ides. So where are the Party leaders saying, loudly, NO? Basically crickets. The modern Republican Party is in abject fear of the Tea party.

Recent polling puts the GOP in Congress on par with the Black Death. So we can rest assured they can do nothing to push their numbers lower. Thus, to many the obvious move is to impeach the President. Lets's forget he won handily in 2008. He won reelection with the largest margin in decades in 2012. It is obvious then that true Americans want him impeached. This will not end well if they do this,I think.

Since 1992, it appears the the GOP refuses to accept any Democrat elected President as legitimate. Bill Clinton was accused of murdering Vince Foster.(Expect replays if Hillary runs). They spent years and millions to finally impeach him over a blow job and lying about it. They did this knowing full well the Senate would not convict. At the time Clinton's approval rating was in the 60's.

On the night of President Obama's first Inauguration, a group of powerful Republicans met to discuss how to obstruct his agenda at all costs. A strict reading of the Sedition Statutes would likely put this cabal at legal risk.

During the first two years the Republican minority in the Senate carried the torch of obstruction making holds and filibusters the norm. When the House flipped in 2010, they took the lead in hamstringing the policies the President put forth.The second Tea party fueled wave in 2012 pushed the House even farther right destroying the House Leadership's ability to lead.

Since then we've seen the return of witch hunts as investigations. We've seen what were once fringe, tin foil hat beliefs go mainstream. All intended to find a way to remove another Democratic President. Who also happens to be black and have a funny name.

He has been called a Muslim sleeper agent, an enemy of Christianity, a socialist, a fascist(mutually exclusive terms) and a dictator. But these zealots will deny it's racial. Never mind white supremacist militias and hate groups have exploded in membership. Forget people like Ted Nugent have called for assassination.

We have Michelle Bachman and other House Members demanding an investigation of deep cover infiltration of the Government by the Muslim Brotherhood. Those of us who see echos of the McCarthy era are called Un-American by the true believers.

So, when the Right runs out of political options, viable or not, they go once more to the well of impeachment.

If anything can make them more endeared to their base or destroy them as a party that will.

Bring it on, Bitches.

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