Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amid the ruins. What next from the GOP?

               Now that the dust has settled let's look at what we've learned about the Tea Party. When The House voted to raise the debt ceiling and fund the Government, 144 members of the House Of Representatives voted no.They were ready to rock the world's economy to it's foundations over a law they didn't like.

They were all Republicans.

It tells us there is a faction in our Government that longs for chaos. They would rather bring down the Temple than admit they lost an election.Their mantra of doing the people's will flies in the face of reality.They wear their perverted vision of Christianity like sack cloth and ashes. They wave their Antebellum view of Liberty like a battle flag, concealing the small meanness of their world view.

These anarchists consort with powerful groups that profess to know the intent of God. Not the God of love, mercy and forgiveness of the New Testament, but a vicious, vengeful sociopathic God. A God who wreaks havoc on the innocent because a nations policies offends him. A God who prefers the death of a mother in labor to an earlier abortion. A God who lifts up the wealthy and demonizes the poor. A God who finds love abhorrent if it doesn't conform to his narrow definition. These zealots want to impose their worldview on us heathen non believers. They want to destroy us to save us.

They seem to feel they are on a quest to return us to an earlier, less enlightened time. A time when women were chattel. A time when only white men decided the course this nation set. A romanticized view of the Gilded Age where the rich and corporations wielded immense power at the expense of the majority. Once more wealth and privilege is adored and threatens to turn us into a third world plutocracy.

They rail against regulation as an economic evil. They actually believe an unfettered corporate entity will not devour everything in its path.The belief that corporations are people with rights that trump an actual human's is the antithesis of what made this Country great.

These so called conservatives seem to have a longing for a return to a feudal state. They cheer the idea of a company deciding what rights, if any, an employee can exert. By claiming an artificial construct like a Corporation can have religious rights they cheer when medical coverage is denied because it violates the company's religious rights. A company has the right to impose their beliefs on their employees whether that belief is shared or not.

They assail women as the temptress and deceiver causing men to have impure thoughts and actions they can't help but act on. There is the idea that rape is always the woman's fault.

The modern woman is the reason America has fallen from the sight of God. They no longer stay in the home,they have the temerity to want to decide whether they get pregnant or not. These harlots no longer submit blindly to their husband's will.

The role of Government, according to the Republicans, is to shame and humiliate women for daring to have sex. For wanting to live up to their potential.

Due to this venal vision of America women and any who disagree have been under attack. The drive to return women to the mores of the Middle Ages. Attempts to reestablish Jim Crow. Vilification in the public arena of any who dissent.

The success has been greatest at the state level. Emboldened the push to burn down America to save it has been unleashed in DC.

These Tea Party folks have decided that only they and their followers are the true Americans deserving of rights and privileges.

There is already talk of primary challenges to purify the Republican Party. Any who compromise and actually try to govern are heretics and must be expelled. Once more next year these vicious, vituperative reptile brained weasels will once again try to impose their will on the nation at large.  The voices of these cultist are already rewriting history to claim victory in the shutdown. many are vowing to do it again. They are quite willing to destroy the nation to build their utopia on the ashes.

Will we let them?

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