Saturday, September 28, 2013

Burn it down. Modern GOP Domestic Policy.

               Really, guys? You actually think this is a viable policy?

In the 2012 Presidential election the Affordable Care Act and President Obama's Domestic policies were front and center. Mitt Romney had his ass handed to him. It seemed that the American Electorate had rejected the GOP's regressive vision of The United States.One would think that there would be the realization that elections have consequences. Well, one would be wrong.

Due to extreme gerrymandering (Ohio is a prime example) many State Governments wound up with extremest legislatures.Also the US House maintained a slimmer Republican majority and grew to be more far right Tea Party dominated. That is what happens when you have ironclad safe seats. Just look at the House Districts in Ohio. There is a District that stretches along Lake Erie from Toledo to Cleveland. At time it appears to be about six inches wide along the Lake in places.

Anyway, these Republicans saw the election results differently than rational people. They represent the true Americans. The election was lost because Mitt was not a REAL conservative. It was stolen by a coalition of community activists, Union thugs, liberal mainstream media, minorities looking for freebies and socialist Democrats. Because Mitt was not conservative enough the true American Majority of American conservatives stayed home allowing the Kenyan to stage his coup.

Starting in January we saw a two pronged attack on modern America. States under the control of reactionary, theocratic activists went after voting rights and women's reproductive health. The US House went after anything supported by the President. They continued to feel voting no on everything was leadership. They also went after Obamacare. After all it is socialism and a sign of the end times. They also continued to fixate on non-existent scandals making Benghazi the new Beetlejuice along the way.

The House embarked on Broadway try outs of their political theatrical production called Repeal. After more than forty performances they decided to open on Broadway. Of course, as is the tradition, there were script tweaks and some new production numbers added.

The backers of the show decided not to replace the director, Speaker John Boehner, they just ignored him. Although it was unusual the script consultant, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is starring in a related production being staged in the Senate Theater.

Cruz, rewrote the script, giving himself a predominate off stage House Theater role.  The new plot line is rather than just stage Quixotic repeal votes let's hold the Nation hostage.  A Sopranos spin off. A decision was made to bypass the stage and go direct to a feature production.

Like most of the entertainment industry they are ignoring the last time a show like this opened in 1995. It was quickly cancelled amidst devastating reviews. With the popularity of sequels, TV shows moved to the big screen and reboots original ideas are not pandemic, so let's reboot.

Thus the GOP has decided to reboot the failed '95 shutdown franchise. They hope with a new director, producers, screenwriting team, bigger budget, promotion and cast this can be a game-changer.

This flick has decided to rely on a lot of improv in the script.  Every time the Director Boehner tried a new scenario he is bombarded by off script performances that alter the story arc. Now we have the action packed budget thriller, "Shut It Down" On opening it was savaged by friendly critics and even cast members. It also received glowing reviews from other critics and many cast members said how proud they were of their work. This blockbuster is doing good box office, in spite of ending with a cliff hanger. In a couple weeks we'll see the sequel, "Default". It has the same cast, crew and production team.

As the House blockbuster was opened, the Senate produced DVD extras with Ted Cruz. This acted as an extended trailer and a bridge between projects. Like the films the reviews were mixed but ratings were good on cable.

So let's sit back and hope the ending to these blockbusters actually make sense. A happy ending is so needed. It would be nice to see this reboot crash and burn. I see no emmys or Oscars coming for this. It won't play in Peoria.

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