Monday, September 2, 2013

Boredom will be the end of me (Updated)

               Boredom will end me yet. I've also said that about younger women, but boredom is a far more likely culprit.
So coffeed up, doughnut in hand, I watched Meet The Press this morning and saw Senator Rand Paul. It was something I wish I could unsee.
First he derided Secretary of State Kerry for being opposed to the Vietnam war and for strikes against Syria. A valid point if not delivered with supercilious, self righteous smugness. For someone who has never worn a uniform to lecture a decorated Naval Officer on the horror of war is the height of hubris.
Senator Paul then questioned the wisdom of aiding someone who wouldn't be an ally. He also praised   Assad for protecting Christians and condemned the rebellion for not doing the same. That plays into the idea in the region we only care about Christian lives. By basing a response to these atrocities on likelihood of an alliance or protection of one religion's adherents is reprehensible. He sat there with a straight face and looked as if these comments were reasonable and sage. I nearly topped off my coffee with a shot.
I thought I'd relax and peruse some news sites to see what's happening. Another in a long list of mistakes.
The President caught flack for playing golf, instead of being in the situation room 24/7 while Congress can't even cut short their vacation to return to DC to act on the Use Of Force Resolution. Sheesh.
I went to Twitter to talk to kindred souls and friends only to get trolled . This guy was still whining about no African American Conservatives being invited to speak at the March On Washington Fiftieth Anniversary.
First off, in my opinion, it is difficult to find a Black Conservative who doesn't subscribe to paranoid conspiracy fantasies. No one wants Allen West ranting from the lectern. He was busy at the RNC sponsored conservative celebration anyway rewriting the Legacy of Dr. King. To listen to them MLK was a Tea Party leader. This was like William Manchester writing "Death Of A President" while taking acid, drinking peyote tea and shooting smack, topping off with an eight ball of coke to take the edge off.
They then decried the lack of conservative or Republican voices at the Lincoln Memorial. A liberal lovefest.
Every member of Congress was invited. Not one Republican accepted. Period. Not. One. Given a chance to reach out to a diverse crowd and claim the historical legacy of GOP help in passing the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, they decided to stay away, pouting and bitching like the deviant little lizards they are. The spin that they weren't invited made the rounds. It was quickly exposed as a lie. All it took was a couple phone calls to the organizers. At least we found out just how big a lie has to be to have Bill O'Reilly the arrogant, serial asshat,apologize. Sheesh, again.
Christine"I am not a witch" O'Donnell may run for Senate in Delaware again. Really? She must not have embarrassed herself and the Republican Party enough the last time. Go for it Christine. Please.
Sarah Palin, good old Caribou Barbie(I'll take the hit for this) has come out in favor of defunding the evil Affordable Care Act.
As the loser of an issue of the current cycle, I only wonder what took so long. She says it will kill people by denying them health care. Right. Good to see she hasn't lost it and regained her sanity. Look for her to continue her habit of endorsing Tea Party challengers to GOP officeholders deemed not conservative enough. I am sure Sarah will wield this issue as a cudgel in future endorsement decisions. At least a Sarah Palin endorsement is usually a kiss of death.
Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul attended a conference hosted by Americans for Prosperity in Florida.
Senator Rubio got a perfunctory welcome in his home state and was heckled on his immigration stand. This does not bode well for a run in '16.
Ted"Let's hold America hostage over the ACA" Cruz received a standing ovation as he took the stage. He finished to chants of "Run Ted Run". He keeps saying any Government shutdown will be the Dems fault for not submitting to extortion. Has he been out in the Texas desert partaking of exotic hallucinogens? Toad licking, maybe? Run Ted Run. Please.
Speaker Boehner(R-OH) is opposed to shutting down the Government over ACA but all for holding us hostage over raising the Debt Limit. Either gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid or default. The GOP feels portraying themselves as thugs and extortionists will endear them to the American public. They want to burn down the house to the cheers of the right. Are there any sane Republicans left?
I said to Hell with it. I closed my laptop, put season 2 of "Fringe" in the blu-ray player and tried to relax. I hope I make it to 2014 without my head exploding. Not likely.

I need to stay away from the internet.
Texas, if you don't know buys so many school textbooks they influence the entire publishing industry. Over the last few years they have decided to rewrite history to conform to their ideological standards. When I went to school I was taught the Slave trade was part of the molasses and rum trade for efficient use of ships. This way there was always a cargo.
Texas, in their wisdom, striking a blow in the culture war, tried to rename this trade as "Atlantic triangular Trade", thus removing the word Slave from the Slave trade.
They downplayed the historical standing of Thomas Jefferson due to his support of the Church/State separation.If you don't like it, pretend it didn't happen.
Rather than teach the Founders were highly influenced by the Enlightenment, rationalism and humanism they change reality.
The History texts will push the idea that assorted intellectual influences with biblical law and Moses' teachings were dominant.Thus they are laying a foundation for teaching the United States was founded as a Christian Theocracy.Which, by the way, is contrary to all we know about the ideas and beliefs of the men who founded this secular Nation. Texas seems to want to cast the Constitution not as a secular document but as a overtly Christian one.
Capitalism will be referred to as "The Free Enterprise System". It seems capitalism has negative connotations.
Tailgunner Joe McCarthy's little reign of terror looking for Commies under the bed, will be toned down.
Student will be asked to consider if The United nations threatens American Sovereignty.
Students will be taught the unintended consequences of Title IX, affirmative action and The Great Society.
Phyllis Schlafly, the Moral Majority and the Heritage Foundation are taught in an important, positive light as more important than they are.
Forget George W. Bush's being handed the Presidency in 2000. It need not be mentioned.
No reason to mention the first African American President either.
We will need to teach about the Moral Majority, Contract With America and let's throw in the NRA for grins.
There was a touch of backlash so the Slave Trade is now, the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Everything else stood.
By the way over 1200 Historians and College Faculty members are not impressed with these texts.
Why is it ALWAYS Texas?
I need a drink.

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