Thursday, January 16, 2014

Principle over people? The GOP in action.

            The Senate Republicans are doing a filibuster in the drive kill the Unemployment Insurance Extension. These Senators are claiming this is a principled stand to prevent sloth and dependency from claiming the jobless in it's cold socialist grasp.

Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) said if you continue to pay people who aren't working, they won't look like a job. He is continuing the idea that the unemployed are on an extended vacation and partying their asses off on that $250.00 check. I mean paying rent, utilities, buying food and fuel for the car leaves a lot of discretionary Some feel drug tests are needed. Hell, you can't buy a bag for $250 let alone what's left after life preservation.

The Senate Republicans are stressing this is a matter of principle. We can't afford it without offsetting cuts. As usual these cuts will be made to other parts of the safety net. Never do any of the perks for the wealthy come under the Republican budget ax.

The GOP mindset is UI causes dependency on the dole and discourages finding work. They actually feel the small amount of money one receives is barely enough to keep body and soul together. After all those who aren't wealthy will become addicted to getting money for nothing. It doesn't matter to collect one has to be looking for work.

This extension was signed into law under G.W.Bush when unemployment was 5.6%. Under Bush it was renewed with no problems. Killing this program when unemployment is still over 7% is unprecedented. It is devastating to those long term unemployed. It's not as if they have savings left. It's not like they're lounging around the house.

When Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) was talking about why he was opposed to the current bill he spoke of better matching jobs with those in need of jobs. He mentioned there were a 100,000 open jobs in Ohio and 4000,000 unemployed. He accidentally highlighted there are four people for every job.

When the GOP talks of principle we know they are ready to slam the needy again. Never are programs that benefit the wealthy ever put at risk. The Senate Republicans defend all tax loopholes for the rich as they vilify the poor. The bloated Defense budget is sacrosanct.

This is an election year. if the unemployed haven't starved and lost everything they need to push these heartless lizard brained bastards out into the cold, cruel world. Send them packing and show their billionaire backers America is not for sale. We reject the serfdom being forced on us.

The ballot box is the key. Vote!

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