Monday, July 1, 2013

Shhhh, girls, the men are talking. Ohio. Again.

     I had hoped not to have to write this. I should be used to dashed and decimated hopes by now.
     Gov.John Kasich ( R-OH) had the chance to show Ohio is a sane, reasonable place to live. Instead he chose to show Ohio as a reactionary, theocratic, anti-women, anti-science State where Conservative men know more than Doctors on how to treat a pregnant woman.
    The provisions in this abhorrent Budget have purpose. To shame and intimidate women. The rules come from the idea that the girls are incapable of making decisions on their reproductive health, their future and rights as a human being and citizen  With the redefinition of pregnancy (AMA be damned) certain contraceptives may be defined as abortifacients since they prevent implantation to the uterine wall. Ultra sound and lectures for the pill or IUD?
     Any contraception restriction seems to be intended to strip women of viable alternatives to sex for other than  procreative purposes. If you have sex simply because you enjoy it (SLUT) be prepared for the consequences. You may need to rely on barrier or rhythm methods.       Or the RWNJ favorite, abstinence. See, sexually active women with alternatives and reproductive control are a major reason for the decline of our "Christian" nation's moral values. Harlots!! There seems to be a longing by these rat bastards for a return to a woman being pregnant for most of her reproductive years.
     Let's not forget there is no exclusion for rape or incest. The only exclusion is for saving the life of the mother. Period. That's it.
     The GOP in Ohio used to be reasonable and wary of overreach. No longer. They feel they have a mandate from God. A divine right to impose their narrow, hateful vision and moral judgements on the people of Ohio.
     The "Pro Life" lobby is ecstatic. Women are so incapable of making these decisions about their lives. Men are so much smarter and must act to protect them from themselves.
     Kasich in response to abysmal poll numbers has flirted with trying to appear pragmatic and reasonable. There have been occasional dashes to the center. Always short lived and seen as blatant political posturing.  
     Thus in Ohio there was the feeling he realized these provisions were a mistake and extremist over reach. He would use the line item veto on them. Instead he decided to play to the rabid right base to position himself for reelection in '14 and a possible Presidential run as a Conservative Pro Life champion in '16. He seems to have forgotten his Presidential flirtation with the GOP  in 2000 collapsed under massive indifference.
     I have always tried to avoid pissing off women as a rule. I have found angering women is unwise and dangerous.  These guys seem to relish it.
     So, options
     The best remedy I believe will be the courts. The danger there is these budget provisions seem to be a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. A challenge that winds it's way to the Supreme Court (GOP AG DeWine would surely keep appealing any losses up the food chain) could,in this court result in overturning that landmark decision. We've seen their disdain for precedent and what in normally considered settled law.
     A major pushback by concerned and outraged women is very likely. However there is no Recall in Ohio.
     Budget provisions, I believe, can't  be overturned via ballot repeal. I need to research that but even if, deadlines for Nov. loom.
      The GOP can expect a push for defeat by righteously, outraged Ohio women and men.
     Our primary recourse is the ballot box to remove these people from office next year. Due to gerrymandering it will be a challenge. A challenge accepted. As a free people that value equality we can not let this abomination stand.
     We have an obligation to our daughters to stop this now. To stand and say NO! No Farther.
     Apathy and complacency will doom women to a return to the 19th century. Dangerous herbal concoctions to induce adbortion and miscarriages.
     Again back alley abortion resulting in death and sterilization of women due to sepsis. The return of the wire coat hanger as a surgical instrument.
     Not again!

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